GuestCentric and PriceMatch Integrate Hotel Digital Marketing + Revenue Management in the Cloud

PARIS, France (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

PriceMatch, recently reported by Tnooz as a hotel yield manager with a hip vibe, today announced a partnership with GuestCentric on an integrated hotel digital marketing and revenue management cloud platform. GuestCentric is a recognised and award-winning leader in both design and innovation categories with over 1,500 independent hotel clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Through this partnership, these clients will have access to a PriceMatch-powered Revenue Management tool directly on the GuestCentric platform.

The combination of GuestCentrics all-in-one digital marketing platform with PriceMatchs Revenue Management solution will allow hotels around the world to run their operations in a more efficient way. Hotels will now be able to respond to market demand changes based on revenue management data, not hunches, said Pedro Colaco, CEO of GuestCentric. With this new partnership between PriceMatch and GuestCentric, hotels will be able to update their own website and all distribution channels with one click. It feels like magic, but actually, its great cloud technology.

GuestCentric is a proven and high-caliber solution who I have been following closely for a few years now. The team at GuestCentric combines great digital design with practical solutions to help hotels convert more direct website traffic and increase their share of direct bookings. PriceMatch is proud to partner with the team at GuestCentric to bring the best of both worlds together in a single hotel cloud platform for Digital Marketing, Distribution and Revenue Management, added Erik Munoz, Chief Marketing Officer at PriceMatch.

GuestCentric provides hotels with digital marketing software in the cloud that focuses on revenue generation with simplicity and ease-of-use. Combined with the expertise of an award-winning design team, the software provides all of the features needed for hotel digital marketing success: sales-oriented and responsive websites; a user-friendly booking engine; social marketing tools; extensive reporting and analytics; an easy-to-use content management system and seamless integration with more than 350 online channels through a hotel channel management tool.

Founded in 2012 by a young team of econometrics, mathematics, statistics and engineering graduates from the top Parisian universities, PriceMatch is a revolutionary hotel pricing solution that aims at democratizing revenue management for hotels of all shapes and sizes. Its online platform uses state-of-the-art econometrics to automate and integrate the tedious and time-consuming tasks required to forecast, set prices and distribute them online.


About GuestCentric:

GuestCentric is a leading provider of cloud-based digital marketing software that helps hoteliers protect their brands, drive bookings and connect to their customers on all digital platforms. GuestCentrics all-in-one platform provides hoteliers with award-winning responsive web sites for mobile, tablets and desktops; a user-friendly booking engine; a social marketing module to publish deals on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks; and a channel manager to offer rooms on Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor and hundreds of other channels.

GuestCentric has operations in New York, San Diego, London, Barcelona and Lisbon and is a proud partner of hotels that are part of collections like Design Hotels, Small Luxury Hotels, Leading Hotels of the World and Relais & Chateaux.

For more information, please visit

About PriceMatch:

PriceMatch provides an innovative and easy-to-use revenue management solution designed for both hotel managers and experienced revenue managers. Using big data and advanced econometric tools, the PriceMatch algorithm provides pricing recommendations through an extremely user-friendly website. Our account managers and engineers guarantee every hotel a personalized assistance to optimize their RevPar.

More info at

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MLP Animation Analysis: Da Magics

Delving into After Effects as well as Flash to produce some reusable Magic FX. Source Files: UPDATE: Flash 8 compatible source files: http://www.mediafir…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Don’t Kill the Magic”, the debut album from MAGIC!, Available Now on iTunes: Follow Magic! Website Facebook https://www….

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CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico Conducts Candid Interview with Australian Father of Twins

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

Longtime parent visionary and inspiring new father, Lucas Krecek, sits down with CARE Surrogacy Center for a candid interview on the surrogacy process in Mexico. The interview originally appearing online is an exhilarating revelation of his magical surrogacy journey detailing the intricate details that have led him from Australia to the birth of his precious twin girls.

In a recent press interchange, Tolga Umar, CEO and Founder of CARE stated, We are committed to maintaining a culture of respect, inclusion and equal treatment for our CARE intended parents. Our CARE team helps simplify the journey to parenthood by offering services that are affordable, accessible and structured to celebrate and strengthen ones identity.

Without question, the leading surrogacy center in Mexico simplifies the family-building experience. As appreciated in the interview set on the glistening waters of Puerto Vallarta Lucas left a deep impression on the CARE team. We loved working with Lucas, he’s a great guy and we have become friends through-out the surrogacy journey. Lucas and his twin girls are the clear-cut motivation for our CARE program, stated Jack Bond, CARE Journey Coordinator.

Excerpts from the Inspiring Interview

Below you will find excerpts from the Inspiring interview with Lucas Krecek. Questions were formed by Jack Bond, CARE Journey Coordinator:

Jack: Why did you choose CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico?

Lucas: I chose CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico because doing research online I just found out that they were one of the most credible websites (looking) so I gave them a phone call and it went on from there.

Jack: How often did you communicate with your surrogate?

Lucas: We communicated with the surrogate through Skype, approximately once every month, using the CARE staff to translate, obviously, because I didnt speak much Spanish at all.

Jack: Would you recommend CARE to other intended parents?

Lucas: I would definitely recommend CARE Surrogacy again, our journey has been close to 100 percent perfect and hopefully one day we will do it all over again.

See the full interview, Lucass Candid Interview with CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico.

LGBT Surrogacy in Puerto Vallarta

The city of Puerto Vallarta is celebrated as one of the most prevalent gay-friendly destinations in the world. Located in the heart of the city, CARE has created an inclusive and hospitable environment for LGBT individuals to unwind in the alluring city taking one step closer to parenthood. Over 70 percent of the companys client-base is gay singles and couples.

Back in April of 2014, CARE expectant parent, Philippe-Charles Deroy of Argentina, was one of many gay men seeking to become a father through surrogacy in Mexico. When I discovered the existence of this service (CARE Surrogacy Center) in Mexico, I felt closer and more in tune with my case actually. Like any potential father, I contacted the agency and had a talk with their representatives by telephone several reasons to be afraid but many to believe that I’m on track to where I want to go and it will change my life forever. (Read Philippe’s Full-story)

Embarking on another highly successful year of achievements and 17 surrogate births, the CARE team is suppressed by extraordinary family morals. It is truly an honor to help individuals in our LGBT communities reach their dreams of parenthood. When you see these hopeful parents, of any sexual-orientation, give every inch of themselves to become mothers and fathers its how you come to believe in their dream. To the very core of our own-being, their dream becomes our deepest desire, stated Sergio Gomez, CARE Journey Coordinator.

About CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico

The CARE Surrogacy Center in Mexico provides incomparable experiences for intended parents, encompassed by enhanced clinical pregnancy outcomes, abridged costs and a wide-ranging continuum of care. The vision of CARE is to represent and assist individuals and couples all over the world who want to build a family, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. The center embraces a positive approach to surrogacy with compassionate journey coordinators, expert IVF medical specialists using the latest technologies, and the expertise of the CARE surrogacy legal team.

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Big Stakes at the 12th Annual 168 Film Festival as Sponsors and Stars Salute Faith-Based Filmmaking

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 03, 2014

Worldwide filmmakers will soon vie for top honors and more than $ 25,000 in cash and sponsored prizes at the 12th Annual 168 Film Festival, a red carpet awards show designed as an international celebration of faith in film. The event takes place Saturday, September 12-13, at the Aratani Japanese Theater in Downtown L.A., located at 244 S. San Pedro Street. (Sept. 13: Screenings 10am-5:30pm, Red Carpet, 5:30pm-7pm; Awards Show: 7:30pm-9pm.)

In addition to $ 5000 cash and over $ 20,000 in donated services, the winning team will go from the theater to the after party in a 14-passenger, custom limousine called “America One.” Owned by Spencer Clark and adorned with lavish airbrushed paintings of Elvis, Michael Jackson and other icons, the vehicle will make its debut at the 168 Film Festival before hitting patriotic celebrations across the country to celebrate our veterans.

The Prize package for BEST FILM includes:

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UFO Sightings The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Explained! New Update 2014

Part 2 ​Thirdphaseofmoon had an exclusive interview with famous abductee Thomas Reed. Dr. J. asked the hard questions and abduction specialist Yvonne Smith was also there to aid. Listen…

Phunk Phenomenon BR-Boys Holiday show (Peabody Branch) Melrose Mass, 12/15/12 @PHUNKCREW.
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Yif Magic生麵團變法式麵包 [官方HD] French Breakfast

來自法國巴黎魔幻藝術家Yif,首部曲第八樂章… Follow Yif on Facebook ;) Who is Yif : Turn “On” captions for…
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Spreading Joy & Good Cheer: How Giving Back Comes Full Circle

Rivera Maya, Mexico (PRWEB) February 04, 2015

Every year, SPT and hotel staff at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa and Sirenis Punta Cana Casino & Aquagames go above and beyond to spread holiday cheer to our valued members and guests. Both Caribbean properties boast breathtaking decorations and host a wide array of activities, allowing guests to enjoy the magic of the season while relaxing in paradise.

An essential part, and our favorite part of the holiday season, however, is focusing on giving back to the communities that are so welcoming to us. Each year, hotel & Sirenis Premium Travelers Club staff invest more and more time into the organization and planning of their annual charity events. This years Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Three Wise Men and Toy Drive were the most successful events ever hosted at the properties. The success of these events was not only measured by community participation and the happiness of the children who attended them, but also, on the joy of hotel and club coworkers who felt blessed to have been a part of the experiences.

What started out as initiatives to help our local community, has turned into more of a gathering for kids from the community and our coworkers to celebrate the glee of the season together. Its clear that the most pleasure and happiness is reflected in the expressions and eyes of the co-workers as they see the children smiles participating in our events, said Grace Sepulveda Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Director, We are eager to make each years event better than the last.

Over one hundred children, teachers and parents from the nearby elementary school attended the Breakfast with Santa hosted at Sirenis Punta Cana Casino & Aquagames on December 16, 2014. Those invited spent the day at Sirenis Aquagames, the on property water park, and enjoyed a delicious full breakfast, a visit from Santa and received an abundance of special gifts.

Breakfast with the Three Wise Men was a similar event that took place at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa. Children from the Akumal local public elementary school were picked up by buses and spent the morning at the Caribbean resort sharing a tasty meal, games and fun as well as receiving gifts that were donated by SPT co-workers and even members. The resorts themed restaurant, open exclusively for the kids was transformed into a space lit up with gleeful decorations and was alive with holiday cheer as the children participated in activities created just for them by the hotels animation team. Taking a picture with the three wise men was the highlight of the day, as well as the children dance competition.

These events were a gratifying experience for both children and adults; and now that youve heard about all the fun we had, see for yourself when you watch this heartwarming video. Click here for the footage and you let us know who you think wore more smiles the children or the coworkers?

About Sirenis Premium Travelers Club

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club is the right-to-use vacation club from Sirenis Hotels and Resorts, designed to provide members with access to exclusive amenities that deliver an unprecedented new level of luxury travel experiences. For over three decades, Sirenis Hotels and Resorts has opened its doors to travelers from around the world to experience the magic and luxury of beach vacations in Spain, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Sirenis Premium Travelers Club was born out of the desire to create a new way to delight those travelers who vacation with Sirenis year after year. Sirenis Premium Travelers Club is headquartered in Panama City, Panama, with offices in Riviera Maya, Mexico and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. To learn more, visit

About Sirenis Hotels & Resorts

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is an international, family-run company with more than 40 years of experience in the hotel business. The company has a resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, a resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and six hotels on the island of Ibiza in Spain, where the company is based. The hotels cater to all guests, from honeymooners to children and young adults alike, due to their stunning tropical settings and proximity to many nearby attractions. With lively swimming pools, multiple

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The Invisible Close’s Lisa Sasevich Explains How to Get Prospects to Pursue Entrepreneurs

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 27, 2015

For entrepreneurs who are tired of feeling pushy or salesy during the sales process, Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich has good news: a certain type of selling can change the sales dynamic, putting prospects in pursuit of entrepreneurs rather than the other way around!

In her new article, “The Magic of the Unsell,” she reveals a tactic for getting prospects to sell themselves.

“I’m known by many as the Queen of Sales Conversion,” Sasevich said. “But sometimes, the best way to sell is to ‘unsell.’”

Although entrepreneurs often believe they must pursue a prospect, it’s not always the case, Sasevich said. When an entrepreneur notices he is working harder for the sale than the client is, the unsell comes in handy.

Heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts and service professionals who read “The Magic of the Unsell” learn:

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Mr. Odd – Let’s Play The Witcher – Part 70 – The Hermit Is More Than Meets The Eye

Let’s Play The Witcher. The Witcher Enhanced Edition. This will be a full playthrough and walkthrough of The Witcher. I’ll be trying to be as thorough as possible and really immerse myself…
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Magic’s Rude cover by Jayson in Town @ Reggae Grill

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