MAGIC! – How Do You Want to Be Remembered

MAGIC! – How Do You Want to Be Remembered

from Don’t Kill the Magic

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Paskill Stapleton & Lord helped 97,658 students graduate in 2014, all due to great recruitment training workshops PS&L conducted. Enrollment health, built on recruiting.

Glenside, PA (PRWEB) September 14, 2014

Recruit the right students and they persist until graduation. When a school markets themselves it is so important for their enrollment health that the message attracts the right students, students that fit the culture of the school. The messaging must be strategic, speaking with one voice. One of the most difficult parts of that process is at the admissions counselor level.

The admissions counselors are the foot soldiers of the recruiting process. At a tuition driven institution they are the ones who counsel prospects explaining why there is value in this particular institution and why they should enroll. They answer questions, alleviate stress and move the prospective student to the place where they know that this school is a good fit……….or not. In many ways admissions counselor are like sales people.

PS&Ls SMART workshops may be unique in higher education. We have taken our philosophy of enrollment health and taken it down to its most granular level, coaching the admissions staff how to handle the stress of their job as well as how to handle the myriad aspects of their bifurcated job description, counselor and salesperson.

One of the worst things a school can do is enroll a student that does not fit their culture because those students tend not to be happy and many of them leave after freshman year. This is why the SMART worshop is so important. SMART educated counselors really help the right students enroll and those students are the ones that graduate.

Bill Luckey, president of Linsdsey Wilson College says, We recruit one student at a time. PS&L consultant, Dave Blacks does many things at Lindsey Wilson but his interaction with our admissions staff has all the counselors doing that one-on-one work at the highest level. It makes all the difference in the world for our retention.

Paskill Stapleton & Lord looks at the enrollment health of its client institutions as its number one job. Their marketing work connects all the dots in the complex mix of media and channels that a school needs to embrace nowadays. At the 30 thousand foot view the brand attribute messages (BAMS) are communicated to everyone in the school. That unifying message drives all of the printed collateral a school uses in recruiting as well as the advertising messages, emails and web content. It even drives the way a video is produced for YouTube and the instant communication via social media.

Point Park vice president of enrollment management, Gary Bracken says,I have been working with Jim Paskill for years. He really gets both the overall picture and the fine details of communicating with my prospects. The campaign they developed, Meet Me At the Corner of Real & World has done wonders for the image of PPU as a great place to learn in Pittsburgh.

About Paskill Stapleton & Lord

PS&Ls services reflect our approach to enrollment marketing. From working with your admissions staff to optimizing communication flows, our strategy is comprehensive; were focused on one thing… the long-term enrollment health of your institution.

Whether its traditional undergraduates, adult degree completers, or graduate students, there is no magic bullet. The strategies we develop intercept prospects as they move through the various stages of the college selection process.

A successful enrollment marketing program employs multiple channels, at appropriate times to engage prospects, build relationships, and enroll students. A comprehensive, strategic, holistic marketing program leads to optimum enrollment health.

Contact John Stapleton


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Learn English with Kagerou Daze

Learn English with Kagerou Daze
Learning a new language is tough. You could even think of it sort of as a new stage in life. While it may not be as difficult a stage as learning how to control your own supernatural powers, it still helps to have someone who knows more than you do to …
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'Criminal Minds' Season 10 Casting News: 'Teen Wolf' Actor Ian Nelson To Make
"Teen Wolf" Season 4 ended with an evolved Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) with his wolf powers restored. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, series creator Jeff Davis talked about the evolution of the … Next time the fans see Derek in "Teen Wolf," the …
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Phunk Phenomenon Shows love to Request after Katy Perry Challenge

TK Nguyen and Angelica Alumia of Pacific Rim Video post show interview America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 Episode 4 – Phunk Phenomenon Shows love to Request …
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MAGIC! – One Woman One Man

MAGIC! – One Woman One Man

from Don’t Kill the Magic

Price: USD 1.29
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MAGIC! – No Evil

MAGIC! – No Evil

from Don’t Kill the Magic

Price: USD 1.29
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60-Year-Old Runner Chasing Historic Record Set By 28-Year-Old by Running from NY to LA in 46 Days

American Fork, UT (PRWEB) September 24, 2014

Can you imagine running 50-70 miles in one day? What about doing that for 46 straight days across the USA? Most of us probably have images of a long bearded Tom Hanks from the movie “Forrest Gump” run through our minds when we think of running that far and for that long, while others may just have images of swollen ankles, throbbing knees, and broken toenails.

Well, just as the world has celebrated 20 years since the release of Forrest Gump, that is exactly what Perry Newburn, 59, a member of the online running group Moon Joggers, is attempting to do in order to break the record for the fastest coast-to-coast run across the United States, which was set in 1980 by a 28-year-old, Frank Giannino Jr., who did it in 46 days, 8 hours, and 36 minutes. Oh, and by the way, Perry will be turning 60 during his run.

Perrys historic run began September 1, 2014 at New Yorks City Hall in New York City and will end around October 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. So far Perry has crossed through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and is currently in Illinois and has been fueled by tinned salmon and Coca-Cola during his first couple of weeks. Follow his historic run on FaceBook for daily updates and to see if he will be running through your town at

The organizer is hoping to finish the run in Disneyland since Perry has never been there so he could meet Mickey Mouse. In fact, this is Perrys first time to the US. He is from Fielding, New Zealand, where just last year he did a 70-day run around New Zealand (close to 3,100 miles). Disneyland is known to make dreams come true and there is not a more fitting place to finish a run that has been a dream of Perrys for some time now.

I turn 60 next September, so I wanted to do something in 2014 that would push me, said Newburn. After running around New Zealand, there wasnt anything left of that magnitude here. But I followed Dean Karnazes when he ran across the U.S. and read Marshall Ulrichs book of his record-breaking run, so this has been a dream of mine for a few years. Doing a little good along the way and inspiring a few would-be runners to become life-long runners will be an added bonus.

Perrys run likely would not have happened had he not gotten involved with an online running group called Moon Joggers. That is where he met Angie Webb, who started the group back in 2012. Perry and Angie have been in correspondence for some time about Perry doing this historic run, and they are now right in the middle of seeing it happen.

Perrys world record run from NY to LA is a huge undertaking and involves a great deal of organizing and logistics. Other attempts, like Frank Gianninos, were well funded and the runners had a crew that came along with them. Perry, on the other hand, has had a couple sponsors help with some costs, and his crew consists of Angie, who is the driver and organizer of the run, and a couple of local volunteers along the way. Many members of Moon Joggers are planning on reaching out and joining Perry for a run, or giving them accommodations along the way.

In honor of Perry, Moon Joggers is hosting a virtual event called 5k Across the USA to help support Perry and pay for traveling costs. They are looking for 1,000 people around the world to sign up and commit to running a 5k between September 1 and October 31. Sign up at Perry is running the equivalent of 1,000 5ks during his run across the USA.

Perry is running across the USA to raise funds for two childrens charities and invites fans and supporters to donate what they can to these great charities.

About Koru Care New Zealand

Koru Care (NZ) is a registered charitable trust. Their volunteer team work for no financial reward, donating time and expertise to make dreams come true for kids who have drawn the short straw. In some cases they have cancer, kidney disease or heart problems, in other cases they have lost the use of their limbs or have serious congenital abnormalities. But they still have the capacity to smile, laugh and create good memories; they just need someone to wave the magic wand. Often, an injection of enjoyment helps to change a childs outlook, which can improve day-to-day life. In making dreams come true for sick and disabled kids, theyre also helping their families.

Make donations to Koru Care at 100% of donations will go to the foundation.

About Sunshine Heroes Foundation

Sunshine Heroes Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the mental and physical well being of children throughout the world by serving, supporting and enhancing human life. They have projects, grants and other ways in which Sunshine Heroes Foundation improves the lives of children around the world.

Donate to Sunshine Heroes by visiting 100% of donations will go to the foundation.

Cheer Perry on and stay tuned for updates about his historic journey across the USA.

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Silicon Valley Preeminent Finance Exec And Visual Graphic Industry Pioneer Join Trusight Advisory Board

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 04, 2014

Brad Buss, the Chief Financial Officer of SolarCity and Jon Peddie, President and Founder of JPR have joined Trusights advisory board.

Dr. Jon Peddie is one of the pioneers of the graphics industry, and formed Jon Peddie Research (JPR) to provide customer intimate consulting and market forecasting services. Peddie lectures at numerous conferences on topics pertaining to graphics technology and the emerging trends in digital media technology. Recently named one of the most influential analysts, Mr. Peddie regularly advises investors in the GLG network, he is frequently quoted in trade and business publications, was the former president of Siggraph Pioneers, and e is also the author of several books his most recent, The History of Visual Magic in Computers..

Every 25 years or so, a technology comes along that presents itself as a true disruptive force in the industry, and this clearly looks like such a case said Peddie.

Jon is one of the most trusted experts worldwide involved with analyzing innovation and technology developments in the video and graphic industry. Were excited to be working with someone with Jons insights and access, added Brian Hofstetter, vice president of marketing for Trusight.

Brad Buss has more than 25 years in the silicon and technology market. Before joining Solar City this year, Brad Buss served as Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer for Cypress Semiconductor. Mr. Buss currently serves as a board member of and Tesla Motors, both publicly listed companies. Brads background in the Silicon industry is outstanding and we are thrilled to have the benefit of Brads financial and market acumen on our advisory board. Brad experience has already resulted in exceptional opportunity.. said Scott Slater, Trusights founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Trusight is raising the bar for improved movie viewing and bandwidth reduction using its processing technology to deliver better image quality. The companys innovative technique enhances the performance of power management technology today by delivering the portable battery capability most original equipment manufacturers hope to have perhaps seven years from now.

In the mobile world of devices, Trusights solution directly benefits consumers with simple-to-use applications that enhance their daily lives in a very obvious and direct way more power means more time and greater utility from providers who deliver this benefit.

Trusight processing is the most lightweight visual content optimizing solution available today. It provides more information with fewer bits, less disruptive power savings and greater clarity and intelligibility for delivery of next-generation content, said Scott Slater, Trusights Founder and CEO.

Other members of the advisory board are Chris Carey -Chief Product Officer for Verizons Digital Media Services, Vincent LaForet -Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and considered one of top cinematographers in the world, Tom Kosnik – Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanfords Technology Venture Program; and Ted Vucurevich, former Chief Technology Officer of Cadence and founder of Enconcert.

More information can be found about Trusight from their website at

About Trusight, Inc.

Trusight industry recognized as a core innovator in image processing technology, delivering massive improvements in content intelligibility, power savings and bandwidth reduction. Trusights ubiquitous real time asset solutions include firmware and SOCs that allows our partners to implement game changing product enhancements. Compression agnostic, pre-processing and additive power reduction and bandwidth savings advantages allow direct revenue compensation to licensees in capture, distribution and display technology product manufacturing and content distribution markets. Technology patents implementation options across the entire content pipeline. Corporate HQ in Silicon Valley, CA. See: View Trusights Power Savings demonstration here –

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Ruth Krishnan, Top San Francisco Real Estate Agent, Urges Bay Area Buyers in the Under $1 Million Market to Buy Now, Before Fall Frenzy

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) August 19, 2014

For San Francisco home buyers in the under $ 1 million market, choices are narrowing and the time to buy is now, before San Franciscos traditionally hot fall market gets underway, according to a July 2014 San Francisco real estate report just released by Ruth Krishnan of Paragon Real Estate.

For buyers looking to purchase a home for under $ 1 million, there are only eight neighborhoods left in the San Francisco housing market where it is possible to buy a two-bedroom home for that price, according to the July 2014 San Francisco real estate report (see Where to Buy in San Francisco for under $ 1,000,000, attached).

The market is an interesting place right now, says Krishnan. It has appeared to cool off more for summer than Ive seen in years past. Although prices are still on the rise, there is less competition for homes and slightly more available inventory.

My forecast for the upcoming fall San Francisco housing market season is that it will again be a frenzied time, says Krishnan. If youre thinking of buying, you have a few weeks left to do so with less competition and possibly even getting yourself a deal.

This summer, up to 26% of San Francisco homes sold for less than 10% over asking price, with 14% of those homes selling for within 1% of list price (see “Sales Over, Under List Price,” attached) according to Krishnan’s report.

Prices right around asking, combined with a few homes that are staying on the market for weeks, instead of just days, says Krishnan, represent an increasingly rare opportunity for San Francisco home buyers to get into the market without a lot of competition and hassle.

Unfortunately, Krishnan says, many buyers seem to be sitting on the sidelines just waiting and watching this phenomenon. Ive witnessed this sad scenario many times when buyers complain about a competitive market, yet when the market shows signs of softening, they sit back and wait for things to get even softer! When they finally decide to jump back in, its too late. The market has become ultra competitive.

Krishnans advice? Dont be that buyer!

For the full report, visit

About Ruth Krishnan: Ruth Krishnan is one of the San Francisco housing market’s top real estate agents. With a background in design and business, Ruth Krishnan brings an artistic eye and strong negotiation and business skills to the arena of real estate sales. Representing both buyers and sellers, and with a expert knowledge and comfort with San Francisco’s unique real estate market, Ruth Krishnan has a long history of satisfied clients and successful transactions. To learn more about Ruth Krishnans experience as real estate agent, to get free advice about the San Francisco housing market and San Francisco housing prices, or to request an interview contact her at info(at)ruthkrishnan(dot)com.

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Awesome Magic Trick: How To Do Magic With Your Own Two Hands!

Learn 3 FREE Amazing Tricks: What’s Up! In today’s video Jay Jay shows you how to perform a really cool magic trick with your tw…

How to do easy and fun magic tricks! Please Like & Share the heck out this magic trick tutorial to support us and so I can bring more guests to you! Special …
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