Teach Your Friends How To Play Magic: The Gathering! With Johnny! MTG

Teach Your Friends How To Play Magic: The Gathering! With Johnny! MTG

How To Netdeck: http://youtu.be/Vfl6YPVNDHY Which Are The Best Art / Illustrated Sleeves: http://youtu.be/ZOO6swdprXQ How To Choose Your Commander: http://yo…
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Aia Software Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software

Nijmegen (PRWEB) December 12, 2014

Evaluation Based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute

Aia Software, a leading provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions, today announced it has for the second year in a row been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Visionaries quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software published November 25, 2014.

Aia Software is very proud to be recognized once again in the Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software for our CCM solution, said Tim van Hugte, director. We see application integration as one of our strengths, which corresponds nicely with our successful partner strategy: expanding our global network of ISVs that deliver and support ITP as an integrated part of their solutions to their customers.

According to the report, Customer communications management (CCM) is a strategy and a market fulfilled by applications that improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound and interactive communications. As Aia Software we are fully dedicated to develop and deliver the best CCM solution and we consider our positioning in the Visionary quadrant by Gartner confirmation that we are successful in achieving this, said Leon Pillich, director. Our customers furthermore commend the ease of use of our software, as well as our customer support, training and implementation assistance.

For more information on Aia Software and ITP visit the companys website on http://www.aiasoftware.com.

About Aia Software:

Aia Software is the global developer and supplier of the ITP (Intelligent Text Processing) Document Platform, the leading solution for the production and distribution of business-critical document output based on application data. Established in The Netherlands in 1988, Aia Software has grown from serving local Benelux and wider European markets to become a truly global player through partnerships with complementary technology providers and resellers and through it

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Nature didnt teach people how to control their emotions but this 32-year old San Diego man claims he can

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 10, 2014

A cutting-edge, transformational training program teaches emotional skills needed to succeed with others, taught by San Diego native Ryan Moalemi. This training is available for a limited time, beginning October 10, 2014.

Converging scientific evidence continues to prove that emotional intelligence is the most essential ingredient of a happy life. As many who have been there know, EQ can make or break a marriage too. With hard data to validate the ancient teachings of wise sages, people are starting to take their feelings seriously.

Paul Ekman, PhD, one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people is widely recognized for his groundbreaking research into human emotions. Dr. Ekman is one of the most vocal advocates for emotional intelligence training and according to him Emotions can overridethe more powerful fundamental motives that drive our lives: hunger, sex, and the will to survive. Ekman believes that given the tremendous power of emotions, people have a responsibility to learn how to control them.

Ekman believes most emotional problems can be traced back to their automatic nature, which evolved early in human history to deal with primitive threats. Ekman illustrates his point by discussing early human adaptation to threats by well-known prehistoric predators. When facing a Sabretooth tiger, humans didn’t have time to think, they had to make very complex decisions in a split second and if they had to think about what they were doing they would be dead.” His research shows that it is this reflexive response that is responsible for the wide range of emotional misinterpretations and biases. Anyone who has reacted in a manner that was inconsiderate, thoughtless or disproportionate to the situation at hand should be able to understand this phenomenon first-hand.

As Dr. Ekmans work continues to demonstrate, developing an emotional skill set is tremendously useful. While there are many emotional skills that can be learned, the most basic one is deceptively simple. It involves creating more space between an emotional impulse and the (often harmful) action that follows it. According to Dr. Ekman, this skill alone, also referred to as mindfulness, creates massive positive improvements in human functioning.

Beginning October 10th, for a limited time, San Diego native Ryan Moalemi will be offering a series of emotional skills workshops and individual training for those interested in polishing their emotional tool set.

Ryan has over a decade of experience in the field of emotional skills training, with proven techniques to help you raise your EQ. You can visit Ryan on the web for more information on Ryans popular emotional skills training in San Diego.

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Closing the Gap in the Short Game with a New Pro Series Gap Wedge

(PRWEB) November 28, 2014

Golfers from the pros to amateurs have been impressed when they have put the Black Magic Gap Wedge to the test on the course. The full line of Black Magic Hybrid Wedges is changing the short game in a great way for players of all levels.

With the no hosel on the face design and extra wide sole plate, this new type Gap Wedge takes the guess work out of short game shots. Players can now have the confidence needed to lay the face open for more height on certain shots without the fear of hitting a shank or the ball rolling too far past your intended target from approaching the green too low. Both pro and amateurs agree this gap wedge feels more natural and comfortable during the complete swing.

There is a distinct difference when you compare a traditional Gap Wedge to the Black Magic Hybrid Wedge. Black Magic Wedge still has an iron face with conforming grooves that offer great control and spin but it also has a hybrid type body that slides easily over the turf or through the sand. This reduces the chance of chunking shots leaving them short of your target.

Black Magic offers some of the Best Gap Wedge Rates in the retail golf, the full line of advance technology in these wedges are priced at a very affordable price and are sold to most parts of the world.

The company encourages players who are truly interested in improving their short game to view the many short videos on everything from tight lies to bunker shots showing how much easier these shots can become using the patent design from Black Magic. There is always room to knock off a few more strokes with a better wedge game.


Black Magic Golf invented a hybrid wedge known as the HWedge with their patented face forward design that Conforms to USGA Rules. The large sweet spot helps to assist with off center shots. Black Magic Hybrid Wedges help golf enthusiasts find new precision and high, soft shots as they make their way onto the green. Black Magic Wedges come in 37

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Anika .B. Connage Returns With a New Book About Her Faith Journey

England (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

After publishing her childrens book, titled The Adventures of Ben: The School Report, author Anika .B. Connage returns with a spiritual book that documents her real life faith journey from age four to 34, titled All by Faith: Coincidence? The book mainly answers the question who God is. It reveals the authors personal experiences, which are validated by family and friends, highlighting Gods desire to be involved in peoples lives.

It is an interesting read with fun stories that will capture the readers imagination in a humorous and conversational manner involving readers. It addresses questions people may have like, Why is there suffering and violence in the world? Anyone who has a desire or question such as, Is there more to life? will find the clues to the answer in this book.

The book addresses concrete issues like overcoming health and financial problems, healing from illnesses, broken bones and even broken marriages, or something as lighthearted as hair growing back supernaturally or as practical like money being provided when bills are needed to be paid. It provides real life testimonies of Gods supernatural power at work today in peoples lives and not simply doctrinal teachings.

Practical and spiritually uplifting, All by Faith: Coincidence? is a book that will increase faith for anyone who reads this book, whether he or she believes in God or not. With first-hand accounts, Connage offers a relatable and oftentimes amusing account of Gods Divine interventions. It is a book that makes God and all things spiritual very real in this present society that has been blinded by the advancement of science and technology.

God is very real, and reachable; and He holds mankinds best interest at heart. It only requires faith to see this great gift. As what Connage says, re-echoing scriptures, Watch your faith soar as you encounter Gods miraculous power. We live by faith and not by sight. (2 Cor. 5:7).

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to XlibrisPublishing.co.uk.

About the Author

Anika .B. Connage ministers through songs and books and has dedicated her life to writing about experiences near and dear to her. She is a Christian writer, a faith coach and trainer on how to hear Gods voice with books for adults and children. Connage invites readers to join her in her quests where she inspires adults to put their faith in God. She is also the author of a childrens book, titled The Adventures of Ben: The School Report. For more information, readers may visit her website at: http://www.anikabcreates.com.

All by Faith * by Anika .B. Connage


Publication Date: 12/23/2013

Trade Paperback; $ 22.38; 234 pages; 978-1-4836-9353-8

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at 800-056-3182. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at 44-203-006-8880 or call 800-056-3182.

For more information, contact Xlibris at 800-056-3182 or on the web at XlibrisPublishing.co.uk.

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The Thomas Kinkade Company Announces the Limited Edition Art Release of The Polar Express

Morgan Hill, CA (PRWEB) December 04, 2014

The Thomas Kinkade Company announces the release of the limited edition art print entitled The Polar Express. In an exciting partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, the Thomas Kinkade Company has illustrated the popular holiday movie in a classically Kinkade defining style.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the popular Christmas movie The Polar Express, Thomas Kinkade Studios captures a pivotal scene that tells the classic holiday story. The painting depicts the climactic scene where Santas sleigh, almost impossibly overfilled with presents, ascends through the crowd of elves. The composition of the image details a North Pole town with a radiant Northern Lights show and a stunning Christmas tree that is decorated with the tidings of the season. While the train pulls into the town square, the children gather for their magical train ride on The Polar Express sure to be home for the highly anticipated Christmas morning. Meanwhile, Santas elves frolic around in celebration of this momentous event.

John Hasting, Chief Executive Officer of the Thomas Kinkade Company remarks, Christmas was one of Thomas Kinkades favorite times of year and we at the Thomas Kinkade Company strive to keep his tradition of inspirational holiday-themed art alive. Were proud to add The Polar Express Limited Edition art to our holiday tradition. Hasting goes on to cite that the central theme of the painting is succinctly defined by the famous quote Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we cant see.

This image is available in three sizes in limited release through authorized Thomas Kinkade Galleries in time for the 2014 holiday season.

The Thomas Kinkade Company has published the works of Thomas Kinkade and Thomas Kinkade Studios for over 25 years, during which Thom has become one of the most widely recognized and best selling artists in the world. His artwork is distributed through a network of authorized dealers and strategic relationships. The Thomas Kinkade Company and Thomas Kinkade Studios strive to carry on Thom’s legacy, passion and his desire to bring joy into peoples lives. For additional information on The Thomas Kinkade Company visit http://www.thomaskinkade.com.

About Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Warner Bros. Consumer Products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is one of the leading licensing and retail merchandising organizations in the world.

THE POLAR EXPRESS and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and

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San Antonio Aquarium to Entertain Visitors with Exhibits Starting Mid-December 2014

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) November 23, 2014

San Antonio Aquarium has many opportunities to delight its visitors. The core vision of the aquarium is to become childrens favorite aquarium in the world. To do this, interactivity is paramount. Children need to engage to be influenced and to learn. The exhibits at San Antonio Aquarium afford them the opportunity to touch a shark, feel the soft skin of a ray, feed birds in the aviary and get up close and personal with reptiles from the rain forest; a greater appreciation for the animals on our planet is then formed. Guests are encouraged to come back often. With thousands of amazing species, theres always something new to see!

Beyond aquarium species, Jurassic Jungle will fascinate dinosaur fans. These life-sized creatures will breathe, blink and roar, perfect for selfies. Sharkys Village will bring a magical world of imagination to smaller children. An imaginary world for the younger children allows them to learn by playing in kitchen and restaurant, vet clinic, mini sports arena, and school class room where they can study for their future career as marine biologists. I-Guana Jump Bounce House next door enables visitors to jump their hearts away on a variety of 2015 model bounce houses and other soft play items.

Other experiences visitors can have at the aquarium are plentiful, such as:

Octopuses are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. In an Octopus Encounter guests can touch, experience, and learn how these animals perform tasks illustrated more commonly in animals with more cognitive thinking ability.

San Antonio has many choices for birthday parties, but a party at San Antonio Aquarium affords educational interactive aquarium tours. Parties can also be booked at I-Guana Jump Bounce House, and for those that want to experience the aquarium and the bounce house, combo packs are available. A private room, Sharky’s Cove, is available for larger, private parties.

Sleep with the Sharks, the aquariums signature sleepover opportunity, affords a night of exploration of not just sharks but other animals preparing for night time. Guests can enjoy a tour, a movie, and so much more.

There are multiple opportunities for mermaid interaction each month and aquarium guests will want to ensure every person in the family gets to partake. Young girls in particular love to fulfill their mermaid dreams!

Morning Rounds allows aspiring aquarists, biologists, herpetologists, science geeks and animal lovers the opportunity to tag along with the aquarium crew on their morning rounds as they prepare for the day, check on water levels and feed animals.

With a private booking, the aquarium becomes a perfect party place for proms, weddings, receptions, corporate and family events.

One of the mainstays of the aquarium is its field trip program. It provides augmented, age-specific teachings for pre- and post-visit study for San Antonio area PreK 12th Grade students. Interested teachers can already book their field trip for the second semester of the school year on the aquarium website, http://www.sanantonioaquarium.net/activities/field-trips.

Memberships, Birthday Parties and Sleep with the Shark activities are all 50% off for a limited time. The aquarium will be open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Hours will be 10-7pm Sunday through Thursday and 10-8pm Friday and Saturday.


About San Antonio Aquarium:

San Antonio Aquarium, opening in San Antonio, TX in December, 2014 at 6320 Bandera Rd. provides children and families access to the excitement and learning opportunities of the ocean. Exhibits include jelly fish, sea horses, crocodilia, rare and colorful corals, sharks, stingrays, and thousands of other species. In addition to marine life, guests can interact with tropical birds and friendly reptiles. Popular activities include Birthday Parties, Sleep with the Sharks, Private Events and Field Trips.

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Lifeline Audio Books – The Magician’s Secret – Should You Tell?

Lifeline Audio Books – The Magician’s Secret – Should You Tell?

from How to Do Magic Tricks – Beginners Guide

Price: USD 0.99
View Details about Lifeline Audio Books

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Lifeline Audio Books – The Best Magic Prop Tricks for Beginners

Lifeline Audio Books – The Best Magic Prop Tricks for Beginners

from How to Do Magic Tricks – Beginners Guide

Price: USD 0.99
View Details about Lifeline Audio Books

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3D Robotics Launches X8+ Ready-to-Fly Personal Drone with Expandable Payload Capacity, Introduces FPV Kit

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) November 17, 2014

3D Robotics, the leading North American drone company across both consumer and enterprise channels, today announced the launch of the X8+, a tough, ready-to-fly personal drone that extends the capability of 3DRs fully-automated flight platform into the professional realm. In addition, 3DR also introduced the companys new plug-and-play first-person view (FPV) kit, providing everything a user needs to start live streaming a video feed from the camera on the X8+ or IRIS+ drones.

Personal drones at these consumer price points are usually designed to carry a lightweight action camera through the air. The X8+ can do thatand can also carry larger pro-line camerasbut its more than a flying camera. Its really the first drone at a consumer price point that could be called an intelligent tool.

Basically, 3DR has taken care of making a tough robot that can flyconsumers can now build on that platform and make of it what they can. Maybe its easiest to think of the X8+ as a power drill that users can outfit with different bits. Beyond photography and videography, for instance, it can be used to generate highly precise maps and 3D models, collect aerial data in automated and infinitely repeatable flight paths, carry different sensors for gathering data beyond the visible spectrum, generate point clouds for accurate ground survey, and can even be outfitted with magnets for real delivery potential. The aluminum frame can take the elements, but its also light enough to maximize aerial mobility; it folds into a compact and easily transportable form perfect for on-site use in areas like mining, construction, search & rescue, agriculture and professional cinematography. And like all 3DR drones, the X8+ comes with free mission planning software, 3DRs world-leading open source flight platform and a remote controller.

The X8+ also now features 3DRs world-first 3PV Follow Me mode, meaning the copter can track any GPS-enabled Android device with a variety of changeable angle and distance presets that will keep consumers in the center of creative videos. Or, if used industrially, that will keep whatever a user needs to track in the center of the copters field of vision.

As a flying camera, the lifting power of the X8+ (max takeoff weight of over 2 kg, recommended payload 800g battery and 800g payload) offers users options for attaching an array of gimbals, cameras and sensors. This means that instead of only being able to carry a GoPro with a wide-angle lens, the X8+ can also carry gimbals that support a professional quality mirrorless video camera, such as the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, or a pro point-and-shoot like the Panasonic LX100 or Canon S110. This carrying capacity unlocks options: you can choose different lenses for video with the Black Magic, and the different focal length settings for the LX100 allow aerial photographers to set a zoom for tight and focused shots while flying at a distance; when flying with a tiny wide-angle lens users would have to get the copter physically closer to a subject. Pair the X8+ with 3DRs FPV kit and consumers now have everything needed to scout, monitor and shoot professional-grade aerials.

The X8+ includes automated mission planning right out of the box, open source software platforms compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux systems. With free DroidPlanner 2 software, X8+ users can plan flights by simply drawing a flight path on any Android tablet or phone, which allows for hands-free flight control. The X8+ drone will go where you tell it to go, and can even keep its camera pointed at the same location via a Region of Interest (ROI) waypoint throughout the entire flight. This enables autonomous journeys and automatically stabilized photo, video and data capture.

Features of the 3DR X8+

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