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(PRWEB UK) 18 August 2014

Award-winning author and educational consultant, MaryAnn F. Kohl, has said that through creating art, children learn many important life skills, including communication, problem-solving, fine-motor, and social skills. In addition, art inspires a sense of uniqueness in children that is essential to a positive self-concept.

When parents see their children color a picture or mold play dough into a miniature masterpiece, they may not realize just how much their child is actually benefitting from the experience; however, young minds learn a lot through exploring their creativity, and often, art is actually a way for them to express their thoughts and emotions.

Fostering an environment conducive to creativity is one way to motivate young minds, and this can be done by decorating childrens bedrooms and play areas with bright colors and artistic schemes. One of the easiest ways to transform a room into an artistic haven is to cover a wall with an imaginative wallpaper mural from Picture My World.

This innovative web-based company creates stunning masterpieces that are easy to install and easy to remove if the time comes that a youngster wants to redecorate. Each mural was designed by an extremely talented team of artists, many of whom have had their works featured in childrens books, games and comics distributed by popular brands like Galt Toys, Scholastic Books and Cbeebies.

Having a mural painted directly onto a wall can be extremely expensive, but a wallpaper mural offers all of the benefits of a painted piece at a fraction of the cost. Customers can choose from a collection that has a variety options suitable for babies, children and teenagers; they are bright and colorful and come in themes for both boys and girls.

Company founder, Michelle Hayman, commented, Together, with our skilled team of talented artists, we are helping to inspire creativity in children. Our platform is unique because it offers young artists a way to showcase and promote their work, and we are proud to be a part of that process.

Each of Picture My Worlds products is an actual piece art and not something simply recreated from stock images found on the Internet. In addition, buyers have the option to upload an image of their choice and create a mural based on their own design.

Some wallpaper murals tell a story, some feature pirates or princesses, and some help children learn their numbers and ABCs, but regardless of the design, children find a room that has been decorated by Picture My World both magical and fun. The bright colors and artistic schemes offer fuel for the imagination and inspiration for the young mind.

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Contact Name and Position: Michelle Hayman, President

Company: Picture My World

Website: http://www.picturemyworld.co.uk/

Email: support(at)picturemyworld(dot)co(dot)uk

Telephone: +161 879 4778

Information About the Business:

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Leftists are Just Human Rabbits? New Book Explains How Politics Evolved

(PRWEB) July 28, 2014

For the last few months a new book published by Federalist Publications has been percolating beneath the surface of the conservative political movement. Titled The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics, it explains scientifically the biological reasons that humans evolved political ideologies. Recently, well known conservative figures have begun to come out publicly in hopes of promoting the work’s premise. National Review Online Contributor and Conservative Icon Bill Whittle, recently said, That book opened my eyes in a way that nothing I’ve ever read, ever has… that must have been what Darwin’s Theory of Evolution must have been for biologists, or what Newton’s insights, or especially Einstein’s insights were for physicists… the most eye-opening theory about politics I have ever read… This book is mindbogglingly brilliant… Reactionary icon Matt Forney called it, “Shocking, Revolutionary.” All agree, on finishing the book, that there is no intellectual analysis of the political world, or the biological origins of the political ideologies of conservatism and liberalism, that is even vaguely similar, anywhere in the field. Given the radical nature of its premise, The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics could alter the nation’s political battles forever, once it hits the mainstream of the political debate.

The premise of the book is that according to the study of reproductive strategies, and specifically what is called r/K Selection Theory in Evolutionary Biology, there exist only two significant types of environments in nature – either an environment with plentiful resources, or an environment where there are not enough resources for everyone. These two environments each mold the personalities of the animals that inhabit them, by selecting for those whose psychologies and instincts are best suited to each environment. This imbues these animals with two personalities, each designed to see the world, and confront it, in very different ways. Under the premise of this work, political ideologies are just intellectual manifestations of these two deeply imbued instinctual natures, which were burned into human brains through intermittent exposure to each environment during the past. Today, they are designed to emerge in response to changes in resource availability.

As an example, rabbits are more docile, more promiscuous, and less emotionally committed (ie.loyal) to peers and young. They have one of the above described personalities, called an r-selected psychology, or r-selected reproductive strategy, and it is identical to that of the modern liberal’s psychology in both perceptions and desires. The r-selected psychology is designed to confront a world with a plethora of resources, such as fields of grass that rabbits can never strip bare. r-strategists such as rabbits are designed simply, to turn that plentiful grass into more rabbits, as fast as they can. Since food is everywhere competition is a dangerous and unnecessary risk, and fitness and adaptability to a harsh world is not a concern – or even on their mental radar. Since competition does not occur, r-strategists don’t need to carefully seek out the fittest mate and monopolize that fit mate with monogamy, to produce the genetically fittest offspring possible. Since almost all offspring, no matter how unfit, can get food, all they need to do is produce sheer numbers of offspring with as many mates as possible, regardless of quality, by mating as much and as fast as they can, with whomever they can. r-strategists will also have minimal desire to spend intensive effort rearing their young, or to protect the young unquestioningly (imagine liberals supporting abortion, rabbit-esque single parenting, and other aberrant family structures that are hurtful to children). Nor do r-strategists join loyal groups to compete, or become concerned with the idea of in-group vs out-group competition. Just as the liberal is programmed to think that there are unlimited government resources to expend, rabbits are programmed to behave as if resources will always be limitless. From docility and competition aversion, to sexual openness, to single-parenting, to lack of a desire to form loyal packs, both liberals and rabbits are designed as psychological r-strategists. The evidence cited in The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics clearly indicates that the r-selected reproductive strategy is the biological origin of the entirety of modern liberalism’s intellectual foundation.

Conversely, wolves are aggressive/competitive/protective, sexually selective, family/pack oriented, and emotionally devoted and loyal to their pack and their young. They have a different psychological nature, called a K-selected psychology or a K-selected reproductive strategy. This psychology is designed to confront a scarcity of resources which they must compete for, if they are to acquire them. Since their world is dangerous and competitive (and they will starve if they don’t fight for a share of the limited food), they form competitive packs of loyal peers, and seek to make their offspring genetically fitter than everyone else’s through careful mate selection and mate-monopolization/monogamy. They rear offspring very intensively within a strong family, with lots of protection and care. Having labored to produce a highly fit offspring, they want to protect it, and need it to succeed in competition itself, so they raise it very carefully. Like conservatives, every element of their psychology presupposes that their world is one of danger, competition, and limited resources. It presupposes that those resources are not plentiful enough to provision everyone, so danger is ever-present, competition is inevitable, victory is essential, and adaptability to a harsh world is imperative. The book makes an incredibly strong case that this K-selected reproductive strategy is the biological force underlying the conservative ideology.

According to the book, as a result of this evolutionary phenomenon of r/K selection strategies manifesting in humans, human beings have two political ideologies one is r-selected, and one is K-selected. The r-strategists instinctually want a world around them where everyone is provisioned fully and equally and there is no competition – so no one can exert themselves to acquire more than another, and fitness and ability have no bearing on success. The K-strategists expect a world which is competitive – where people seek greatness in competition, and the inherently limited resources are apportioned based upon ability, effort, and determination. One theory of political ideology, which explains everything, from why leftists will tend to support promiscuity, single parenting, birth control, and abortion, to why individuals on the right support gun-ownership, oppose welfare and one-world government, all while insisting on family values and monogamy.

The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics then examines human evolution, showing how different populations of humans were exposed to these two environments in our past. It goes on to examine how as a result, humans evolved both rabbit-like and wolf-like personalities that are designed to emerge in populations to confront changes in resource availability. It demonstrates how it is these underlying personalities which form the emotional foundations of political ideologies, and it is the environment’s level of resource availability which elicits the formation of these personalities.

From the crop surpluses of the Medieval Warming Period producing the Dark Ages, to foreign booty and slave labor fueling the Roman Empire’s degeneracy and collapse, flood a nation with success, free resources, safety, and ease, and the liberal rabbits will flow from the earth, overwhelm a society, and enlarge its government with an eye to making a world where free stuff is available to everyone, everyone mates freely with each other, and low-investment parenting is the norm. Eventually, the rabbits collapse the whole governmental structure, by fo

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